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My name is Gemma Crawford and this is my story so far.


Growing up…

I had a passion for crafts and handmade items from a very young age, I grew up with both my grandmothers working within the industry, one being a wool shop owner and the other being an upholsterer. As a child I was constantly experimenting with various crafts, spending hours drawing, painting and making things.  A love which will remain with me forever.


What Happened next…

After marrying my husband 8 years ago we bought a dilapidated cottage in Staffordshire (UK) via auction, we could see its potential and knew that with time, patience and a lot of hard work we could make a lovely home for ourselves.

During these renovations, I became a mum of two beautiful children, a very savvy now 4-year-old daughter called Hattie and a mischievous toddler called Freddy. Frustratingly, we still haven’t quite finished renovating, as you can imagine, having our children slowed things down rather a lot! But it’s a labour of love, that we are keen to complete!

Turning this house into a family home, meant that I desperately wanted furnishings that meant something to me personally. I love the area we live in, the countryside and nature surrounding us, as well as the playful attitudes of my children, which reminds me of my childhood in many ways. I wanted to encapsulate these lovely things into my home and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find what I was looking for from shopping on the high street, so I started making them myself instead.


Adventures of Hattie Rose Handmade…

Having the drive to take a major risk and fulfil a lifetimes ambition, I have since set up my own brand and company ‘Hattie Rose Handmade’, inspired by my daughter and encapsulating all the things I have around me.

I love to create intricate pieces, designed from the heart. I dedicate time to making sure each piece is individual, it gives me the freedom of expression, which is completely fulfilling to me as a maker.


The creative process…

The artistic process is critical, as this is what makes me unique and it can often take hours to make an item from start to finish.

I pride myself on been ‘Handmade in Britain’, I don’t use any fancy technology, I like to sketch out all my designs onto paper, from this I create a pattern, which I then use for cutting my fabric pieces. Having a keen interest in drawing and painting as well as textiles, influenced my use of fabric to create images, which is how I become a textile artist.


The person behind the brand…

I would never underestimate the challenges faced during this ongoing journey, juggling jobs, home life, finances and a business project was never going to be easy. However, I am passionate about design and have an innate desire to draw and make lovely things from scratch.

Starting my one women business, has had such a positive effect on mine and my family’s life, which I love! I’ve learnt so much already, but I aspire to be a better person and I know that the mistakes I make along the way will only make me stronger. Essentially, I am eager to make beautiful things that I hope you will love too!


Gemma Crawford



Please feel free to get in touch and contact me with any enquiries or commission pieces.






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