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24th March 2019



Well hello... how are you? Its been a while hasn’t it, I thought it was about time I justified my complete lack of communication over the last few weeks!! To explain.

The best I can describe myself is:

A women who has become even more forgetful than usual, accompanied with increasingly irrational behaviour, lacking in any sort of enthusiasm or inclination to do almost anything... aside from sleep. Along with continuous bouts of sickness... improved only by stuffing myself silly with various foods that I’ve never particularly liked before!
YES, you guessed it, my absent mind is not the result of stupidity, but I’m actually expecting a baby!
We are delighted to confirm that baby number three is due in September and after a few months of ups and downs, I’m finally starting to get back to my old self again... even if I am a little larger than I was last year!
If you are curious, it’s still business as usual. However, my posts may be intermittent over the next few months, as we get ready to introduce another new life into the family, while continuing to work on our home renovations, along side the business.
So there you have it. Happy Sunday all, I hope you have a relaxing one x


22nd December 2018







Wowzers where did that year go?! Well I’m very pleased to say that’s me done!
Now then... let Christmas commence! As she munches through her second mince pie of the day
But before I go, I just wanted to thank you for following me throughout my journey this year. I’m so grateful for all the support you’ve given me and for keeping me busy these last few weeks!
Now I’m going to put my feet up, eat, drink and be merry! 3 more sleeps!!
Happy Christmas everyone, have a wonderful time celebrating with those you love, see you in the New Year!!


30th November 2018






Today’s prompt is ‘what else do you make’... well that’s easy... anything you want me to... within reason! ⠀⠀
I once had a request for a very oddly shaped cushion... I won’t go into the details or the vulgarities of said request (I’ll leave that one to your imagination), but let’s just say I shan’t be making a prototype anytime soon! (Yes. You know who you are!) ⠀⠀
In all seriousness, I absolutely love making bespoke cushions, I love the uniqueness of each one, the design process and the way they come together right at the very last minute... usually at this point I’m about to collapse from lack of oxygen to my brain and I can finally breath a sigh of relief, that all my hard work paid off! ⠀⠀
Oh. They make wonderful gifts for those special people in your life too! (just saying)


27th November 2018










Back today with #meetthemakerweek and today’s prompt is a little more tricky...’what inspired it’

To be totally honest, I haven’t got a clue what the inspiration for this one was... does there always have to be a story? At the risk of sounding like a total bore (livin’ the dream me) I just really enjoy hand stitching and that’s about all there is to it!

It started with these little beauties and the truth is, I have that really annoying obsession (some of you maybe able to relate to) ... you know the one where you can’t sit still for more than five minutes of an evening, before you start thinking you’re wasting time and could be doing something far more productive! (obviously my hubby doesn’t identify with this issue and can’t fathom me out at all!!) Anyway it keeps me out of trouble and means I can watch Netflix and ‘do’ at the same time... win win I’d say!


26th November 2018




Oh dear... I know... I know... I’ve been so rubbish on here lately! So after a busy few weeks with work, my two young sprogs and just daily shite! This week I’m going to try my very best to keep up with #meetthemakerweek ⠀⠀
So here goes...
Today’s prompt is ‘product’ and by my reckoning it’s now totally acceptable to start with the Christmas spam right!? Who cares... I’m going full steam ahead from here on in! 
Who doesn’t love the beauty of a robin as it eagerly flutters to and fro, before curiously stopping to take a moment and glance at its surrounding’s (and the strange women gawking at it)... They are such a flash of delight amid the madness of the season, don’t you think?

Limited stock of these are available in my Etsy shop (link in bio)... if you are feeling mindful, please try to buy handmade this Christmas, it makes us creative folk very very happy! Plus you never know, this little robin may provide you with a little piece of calm, right when you need it!


11th November 2018


I hope you are having a lovely Sunday morning!

We were at Sandbach Makers Market yesterday, well done to all of those who actually managed to find us...It can only be described as a ‘Where’s Wally’ situation. We were moved from our usual spot and ultimately squeezed in... on the opposite side to everyone else... of course I didn’t complain about it one bit. Not one bit. Ok. Maybe I mentioned it once. Or twice. Thankfully I remained good-humoured and the rain held off, which saved the hubby from further earache.
In other news we had a new bed delivered this week.... the purchase was long overdue, allegedly you are supposed to turn your mattress every 2 weeks!!Who in their right mind does that? Anyhow the old bed was probably older than me and I don’t recall turning the mattress once. Thankfully our lovely new bed is dreamy!!! 
Although I do have a small issue with the height of it... either I’m getting smaller or beds are getting bigger (Check out my story to see the new bed)
This lovely handmade cushion was sold yesterday, but I’ll be making more, if you are interested. ⠀⠀
Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys! 



7th October 2018




I’m aware I’ve been a little quiet lately, doesn’t life sometimes have a habit of getting in the way!? Despite trying to be super mummy, working mummy, cleaner mummy, chef mummy, pick the clothes up off the bedroom floor mummy, wash, iron and put them away again for tomorrow, mummy... Yes. You may be able to sympathise, that having two young children and working all hours has a way of keeping us grownups super busy! So if I drift off the radar occasionally, I’m probably either knee deep in washing, batch cooking, hoovering, mixing cement, children’s entertainer or simply sewing.


In other news, Hattie turned five this week. Which for her meant only one thing. Mummy was once again in charge of cake making. This time a ‘princess cake’. Of course.
As usual, I was way over ambitious! Sadly the finished cake had a sumo wrestler dressed in a pink frock adorned on top, but you can’t fault me for trying! (See stories to view sumo princess) And back to work stuff, I’m @_makersmarket Knutsford again today. If you fancy popping down, there are lots of tasty food stalls, lovely handmade goodies and artisan makes on offer!


22nd September 2018







Happy Saturday folks and a very happy day off for me! I’m totally and absolutely not bragging, not one single bit.
Hair done. Make up on. Bag packed. Kids have packed the essentials. Rephrase. Kids have flung numerous toys by the door, ready to take on an overnight stay with the grandparents.
Let’s do this!
Anyone else having a well deserved weekend off? Don’t get me wrong I love my kids! But a night without reading ‘tremendous tractors’ before bedtime is enough to make any parent merry! ⠀⠀
This week I’ve been working on lots of little bespoke and personalised items one of which was wrapped in this hand printed paper to make it extra special! Hopefully not giving too much away, check out my stories for a few little snippets! 


8th September 2018



Well I think it’s fair to say that was a weird old week... I definitely was not prepared for how emotionally drained I would feel after Hattie’s first day at school (never-mind her) ... I dropped her off trying my absolute bloody best to stay composed and then spent the rest of the day anxiously pacing the house, nervously waiting to pick her up again, like I had some sort of screw loose! The poor kid was then hit with a zillion questions, one after another, before she even got her feet through the door!

AND... Today I’m on cake making duty for Freddy’s third birthday. Yes he’s a toddler. Yes he’s put a cake order in. Yes he has told everyone he knows what sort of cake his mummy is ‘supposedly’ making!
It involves an enormous amount of chocolatey mixture combined with a shed load of green sugar paste and hopefully by some miracle i’ll be able to present him with his ROOAARING request! (check out my stories for the results) Due to this challenge, as set by my nearly three year old, I will be unable to attend Sandbach Makers Market today, but I promise to be back next month.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


3rd September 2018




What is it with little girls and ladybirds? 
It’s the only creepy crawly that Hattie will gingerly pick up and let crawl all over her, before delicately putting it down again in a safe place! Trust me when I say this girl does not usually do delicate, she’s more of a clumsy type... in the most beautiful way possible, of course! ⠀⠀
Offer her any other bugs and they are too fast, too slow, too ticklish, too slimey, too itchy, too slippery or too scary! ⠀⠀
Without doubt the worst of all are great big spiders! Obviously my attitude towards them hasn’t influenced her one bit, not one single bit!⠀
Happy Monday insta, I hope you all had a great weekend. We were at #knutsfordmakersmarket yesterday, thanks to all those who visited! ⠀


31st August 2018



I had planned to tick an assortment of things off my ‘to do list’ this week, but instead I’ve spent three days pathetically welded to the sofa, whilst grappling with a beastly cold and feeling nothing but sorry for myself! ⠀⠀
So after spending the week with nothing but tissues and lemsips for company, I’d love to say I’m now fully recovered and fighting fit!
But no. I’m now in the raging sore throat stage, where I go from squeaking like a mouse, to sounding like a croaking frog ... Not pleasant...let me tell you!
Anyhow, being a real trooper, I will be back at Knutsford Makers Market on Sunday (although I can’t yet confirm what state my voice will be in) 
Also in the world of work, this is ‘What’s New’ for September! Hand embroidered hoop art.
Enjoy your evening folks, I’m sure it will be more enjoyable than mine!




27th August 2018




Despite the gloomy weather we did make it out to @nt_erddig today.
We ran, skipped, jumped, hopped, rolled and pranced around the beautiful gardens, toasted marshmallows in the fire pit and climbed our way through numerous tree constructions. I use the word ‘we’ loosely, as I was merely trying to keep up with them both, while hysterically shouting ‘be careful’ the entire time.
It turns out Freddy doesn’t like marshmallow and instead felt compelled to spread the oozing goo all over himself instead - Cheers Fred! ⠀⠀
What would I do without these two unstoppable children, check out my stories for some of today’s action.
Now I’m ready to start the working week, preparing for Knutsford Makers Market and enjoying Hattie’s last few days before she starts school! ⠀⠀

I hope you all had a fab long weekend.


25th August 2018



What’s with this awful weather!?

We had planned to go for a lovely gentle stroll around a National Trust garden this weekend but instead I think we’ll be braving the indoor soft play!
You really can’t beat the boisterous, disorderly, ear splitting ‘fun’ of a soft play area when you are child.
But what about when you’re an adult? ⠀

Well I can tell you.... I’ll be ruthlessly dragged in and around every slide and tunnel going, wedged in between several very tight spots designed only for 4 year olds, before ferociously crawling around the entire thing at least 10 times, because neither of my children understand the concept of ‘its time to go home’. ⠀⠀
We will finally leave an hour later, I’ll be slightly breathless, deranged and no doubt cursing under my breath. Awkwardly, smiling sweetly at all of the other long suffering parents. On the positive the kids will have done so much ‘horsing around’, that they are bound to fall asleep afterwards - right?! 
So for all those horse lovers or just those who’ll be horsing around this weekend (young or old) here’s an example of a bespoke cushion I did a few weeks ago. ⠀⠀



16th August 2018



Christmas Prep!


Well I’ve finally started to think about .... dare I say ... the word .... Christmas!⠀⠀
I know, I know, that’s a scary thought isn’t it!? Still in Summer, and I’ve barely enough time to do the day to day crap. Let alone the barbaric task of designing and making Christmassy pieces for that one day in December where we all go completely crazy, spend more money than sense and eat our body weight in roast potatoes (maybe that’s just me) 
I think this is going to be a slow process, don’t get me wrong, I do love Christmas but just not right now! Are any of my fellow makers having the same problem? ⠀⠀
Maybe I need to create a little ambience, try putting on my Christmas jumper, have a sherry and listen to a touch of jingle bell rock! Now if that doesn’t help with the Christmassy vibe, then I don’t know what will. ⠀⠀
I’ll also be experimenting with some seasonal handmade lino printed wrapping papers to go with my makes. So here’s to crafting, creativity and Christmas preparations! So If you didn’t think I was crazy before... I’m sure you will now! 


11th August 2018



Thank you for all of your support at Sandbach Makers Market again today! I really do appreciate it!
As usual I managed to eat my way through the profits! Being positioned in a spot surrounded by food stalls means I’m now approaching jelly-belly territory! Not to mention the fact that I had absolutely no defense against the onslaught of wasps that were on the prowl for a delicious looking scotch egg across the way! ⠀⠀
Now to the purpose of this post.... ⠀⠀
Yesterday I made this bee cushion and despite my best efforts to get it listed on my Etsy shop last night, I was more inclined to stuff my face full of popcorn and drink wine  (Isn’t that what Fridays are for?)
Anyway, thank you to the lovely lady who bought the cushion today, I’ll be making another one shortly and I promise to list it on my Etsy shop very soon! ⠀⠀
Now i’m going to gladly put my feet up and indulge in more wine drinking - obviously!  Have a lovely evening all! ⠀



18th July 2018



Isn’t it hilarious how much we all dash about these days from one thing to another! Does anyone ever stop to think, take a moment and consider what the purposes of all this constant bloody effort is?


Nope... me neither. Although I do wonder what on earth is wrong with me!
Even when I’m supposed to be doing absolutely and completely nothing! I’m still instinctively on purpose trying to find a solution to the nothingness by writing a to do list in my head of all the things I’m meant to be doing. Whilst doing my freaking best not to concern myself with the urgency to fill the empty void of inactivity! 


Maybe I should just accept perhaps, that I’m very much like this busy bee... and in truth I just like to live an eventful life and immerse myself in constant activity! (What a weirdo, I hear you cry!) Anyway, that’s me. Bee purses are available in my Etsy shop is you wanna come join my crazy girl club!
Oh and in my stories today - we (I say we, but it was mainly Hattie) had quite an eventful afternoon with a fly! She obviously takes after her mum.
<< New image with text >>

15th July 2018











Oh I do love a day trip, family day out, kids free for all... don’t you? ⠀⠀
Until you get there and the kids want a....drink, wee, hat on, pick me up, hat off, dinner, wee, play, little sit down, slather in sun cream, wee, tractor ride, new toy, sunglasses on, little sit down, sunglasses off, pick me up, ice cream, wee, sleep, slather in sun cream, drink, play, little sit down, wee... flipping exhausted mummy needs an alcoholic beverage !!! ⠀

Obviously today was no exception at #trenthamgardens, full of fun and the occasional tantrum (generally from me!) ⠀⠀

Oh, I do love my wonderful family, life would be so boring without them! Here is the evidence that I was actually smiling before I left the house this morning! Check out my stories for some of today’s unfortunate (sorry I meant delightful) adventures! ⠀


14th July 2018




Sandbach Makers Market


What a fab day at Sandbach Makers Market today! There was so many amazing stalls selling beautiful handmade homewares, gifts and accessories.
With a ridiculous amount of delicious food stalls on offer, surely it would have been rude not to fill my face with a few sweet treats too!
Supporting artisans, creators and small businesses is essential in keeping us doing what we love! You’ll always get something unique and we can be proud that we put love and consideration in to every aspect of it! Something you’ll never get from those large faceless companies! (Yes, you know the ones I mean) We were also briefly accompanied by the Sandbach Town Crier. Who managed to create quite the crowd and stop many unsuspecting customers in there tracks with his speech. He was certainly dressed to impress, in his red and gold coat and rather noisy bell... oh yes we definitely did ‘hear ye!’ 

Anyway, thanks for the support again folks and keep it coming, we need you! 


8th July 2018








Dung Beetle Art



By now you probably know that i'm rather fond of pretty little things, so I'm not quite sure why I decided to frame a dung beetle... but who'd have thought it would turn out so cute!


3rd July 2018







I just wanted to champion #justacard campaign!


Every small purchase makes a huge diffrence to a small business like myself and the makers community is full of like minded, inspring, individuals who share a passion because they love it!


So today I thought I'd share a few of my handmade products, designed and made by me in sunny Staffordshire. Making personalised, bespoke or one of a kind items is simply a joy and i'm so pleased that I can share them with you!


22nd June 2018




What's new...



I've decided to try my hand at lino printing, although if i'm honest the last time I attempted this I was actually at school! 


Anyway, I ship a lot of bepsoke pieces and so surely I shouldn't be using shop bought paper to wrap them with, right?


Im all about unique handmade items, that I put time and love into making, so my ambition is that when I wrap my products this ethos should be emulated!



This paper was designed to wrap a bespoke cat cushion - it's my first attempt so be kind! 


15th June 2018








Feel Good Floral Friday



I just had to share these gorgeous peonies with you. Who doesnt love a peony at this time of year! 


13th June 2018









Wha'ts new...



Wait there's a buzzzzz in the handmade bumble bee brooches have just come flying into my shop! I'd love them to fly out just as fast!


They are also available in a picture frame, if you dont fancy wearing one!


9th June 2018









Sandbach Makers Market


Back in my home town of Sandbach, where I grew up. 


Its so nice to see lots of friendly faces and stand face to face with my customers for a change!


This Makers Market is held the second Saturday of each month, please come and say hello if you are in the area!


24th April 2018







What's new...



Spring is in the air and I have a few new designs Pretty felt hare, tortoise and bird badges are now avilable to buy. They can even be personalised with a name of your choice!


14th April 2018










Check out my insta post #artvartist!



A few of my handmade makes, plus a picture of me cotemplating what im having for my tea...obviously!


23rd February 2018







Being a newbie to Instagram and in a ploy to tell people more about my creative side, I thought I’d  challenge myself by taking part in #MarchMeetTheMaker.


This is where I’ll be telling my business story through photography each day throughout March, along with many other creative folk. I’m fairly sure my inexperience and novice photography skills will show, but here goes nothing!


If you are interested in finding out more about me, Hattie Rose Handmade or just fancy having a laugh at my dodgy photos' then please do follow my Instagram page @hatteirosehandmade.



8th February 2018






Valentine’s Day is on its way…



Love is in the air! Turtle doves represent love as they mate for life, representing faithfulness, loyalty and devotion. 


Symbolise your love for someone special in your life with two turtles doves that will stay together forever!



3rd February 2018



Knitting Nancy 


I can’t believe I haven’t used one of these since I was a young girl… I am now obsessed once more!

I saw this in a shop recently and bought it for Hattie, you’d be right in thinking that she hasn’t had much opportunity to use it with me about. She’s probably a little young yet, but she’s certainly giving it a good go!

I used to make rugs for my dolls house with mine, when I wasn’t much older than she is now.




5th January 2018





Soft furnishings don’t have to be for women…


This bespoke cushion was made as a gift for a tractor lover. The design concept was taken from an image of his vintage Massey Ferguson, in which my client wanted me to create a tailored made and one-of-a-kind piece. 

I love creating pieces like this for my clients, it gives me a real insight into my customers lifestyle and allows me to engage with a subject very dear to them. It’s a creative journey which gives me the opportunity to make something new and different, making something truly special which a family can treasure.



22nd December 2017









Making Gingerbread with my Kids


Delicious gingerbread, sweet treats to hang on your Christmas tree, although if you’re anything like us they don’t stay on there for long.

I’m certainly not a cook, but as you know I love making things and always enjoy baking with my kids, who both love gingerbread. Making these has become a family tradition at Christmas, with my daughter insisting that we leave one out for Mr Claus to eat when he visits!


14th December 2017








Free Penguin Pattern



I made this penguin for my son’s Christmas box…I can’t wait to see his little face when he opens it on Christmas morning! 

It’s very easy to make, so I’ve uploaded my free pattern and instructions, if you’d like to give it ago…happy making!


7th December 2017


A little Christmas cheer from Hattie Rose Handmade!


I’m offering a set of hand stitched Christmas king decorations for your tree to one lucky winner!

These make perfect stocking fillers for your little one, mum or a grandparent. Alternatively, they will add a fab finishing touch to your tree this Christmas if you want to keep them all for yourself!

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is like my Facebook page Hattie Rose Handmade and share the 'Giveaway' post!

This giveaway will close on Saturday 9th at 12pm and the winner will be randomly selected and contacted shortly afterwards.

Likes and shares are hugely appreciated as this is a new business, it will enormously help me to spread the word.

NB. This is for UK entrants only. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed. administered or facilitated by Facebook.

Merry Christmas from Hattie Rose Handmade! Good Luck!

Competion now closed – Congratulations to the winner!



4th December 2017






It’s here…. Hattie Rose Handmade featured in Tatler Magazine!


Last month I was very honoured to be asked if I’d like to feature in Tatler Magazine, appearing on their interior motive page, which showcases luxury art, sculpture and home-wares.  

Having only recently established, I was naturally thrilled to be presented with this opportunity and I thank them in their support. Identifying my collection on Etsy and placing confidence in my brand to act as a recommendation from Tatler, is a real testament to me and my bespoke handmade products.

If you have an appetite for exquisite pieces and want something new and different for your home, which will stand out from the crowd, then discover Hattie Rose Handmade today.

Join my Facebook Page and be the first to take a sneak peek at my new products, upcoming offers and events as well as creative tips!





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